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I got around to try this small demo and it's pretty good! Kinda imbalanced in some ways (like harvesting certain enemies earns you gems a lot with harder ones being annoying).

I definitely would like to see this being finished someday. :)

Thank you, i'm glad you like it \o/. 

I'm working on the full version of the game in parallel of another game that will come first ^^

Great game!! Thanks for making this little gem, hope you will develop it further.

Btw, there's a bug when fighting the first boss, at the beginning I use the water gem and start hacking away, strangely, for the rest of the fight the boss just sitting duck there, not attacking, doing nothing lol. Also, strangely enough, when I starting out the gem costs 500g apiece, but after buying my second or third gem, the price suddenly drops to 100g apiece. 


Thank you for the feedback :).
it was a prototype for a GameJam that took me 15 hours of work :D. I'm working on the complete version since pastweek.

I planned new features, visual improvements and balancing. I believe you will like the result. 

Game muito bom pena q tem fim

Ae little friend comprei esse produto de qualidade :D


Espero que goste man o/. 

Like that very good so cool. but the boss is the bee. Gastei meus ingreis boladão, foda-se se tá eradu.


Vlw Sir Show xD. Questão de estratégia rs.

Very good game! It's pretty hard to get over the bees though... Outstanding art and music! It's pretty engaging!


Thank you o/.
Spoiler: you can only kill the bees without getting damage with the second attack (the kick).

Excellent character development, Nao is simply gorgeous!

Thank you, i put a lot of effort to create a nice outfit, i'm glad you like it :D!


Tira essas abelhas pfvr

As abelhas são o verdadeiro Boss rs.