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MUITO BOM! Grande evolução parabéns :D

Hi, the game is fun with good visuals and ideas. But I could run from most of the enemies without having to kill them. So, you could make some kind of system that forces the player to kill most of the enemies. Thank you for the game, it shows talent.

best game of the year, I do not know if it is a bug but in the final screen (boos) when it dies (in my case many times) life comes back with 40.FISK By google Kappa

Excellent game with great mechanics. Can't wait to play with sound! 

PS: AAA confirmed

I get the 'Checkpoint/Exit' option whenever I get too close to that enemy that shoots and walks on all fours. 

you can't touch this enemy's, they do insta kill.

Missing audio on WinXP?

This demo doesn't have audio.