Demake of the game Nier in Pixel art with original music and sound effects.
(Play in fullscreen to avoid page scrolling)

Do not judge the game by its cover, i just tryied to represent how the visual of the main character was explored in the original game.

It was a lot of fun to create it, and I hope you guys have the same fun playing ^^.

PS1: I made the sounds with my mouth XD!

Tags2D, beatbox, dbr, deny, nier, Pixel Art


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@Kitsu Same happened to me but after a while the boss disapeared. Currently my character is still Walking and Nothing happens xD

its a trigger that i used to test the boss, its located on the left of the map :\

Acompanhei boa parte do desenvolvimento... parabéns pelo produto final!!!

Vlw man que bom que gostou o/

Real nice!
Though i think i mightve run into a bug? The boss spawned almost immediately after the second section started, and then after i killed all the smaller enemies, the player character just walked to the right and wouldn't do anything else; meanwhile, the boss was there, shooting me lol


 I was using a trigger on the left to test the boss mechanics and i forget it to remove before post :\. just dont walk to the left before kill the smallest enemies xD

I am taking damage through my sword.

This is really impressive, I've been playing nier a lot lately and this was so awesome to play through. Well done!

Thank you digaly, i didn't play nier yet but i love the visual styles.

This is... wait for it..... legendary!!!!

thank you

Great graphics and the sfx is hilarious! Well done!

Thanks o/, i put a lot of efforts in the sfx. 

10/10 <3

gentle of you >w<

OMG nice game jesus christ

Thanks Mike